Physician Health Programs: Outrage Over Abuse Increases

Doctors are coming forward all over the country to tell their stories of abuse by Physician Health Programs, quasi-governmental agencies that were originally intended to provide help to physicians who were suffering from mental illness or substance abuse problems. Unfortunately, these agencies have grown into abusive vehicles run without oversight and with a complete disregard for due process.

These programs were originally intended to provide an avenue for physicians in need of help with mental health problems or substance abuse/addiction.

Although the programs were often initiated with the best of intentions, they are now riddled with corruption and often used by unscrupulous former addicts or felons who identify themselves as “specialists” in addiction medicine. Control of these programs was ceded to private entities formed as nonprofits. In fact, addiction medicine is only a “self-identified medical specialty.” ABMS certification became a pathway for disgraced doctors to find a new career in medicine. Placing unscrupulous sociopaths in a position of unchecked power over the licenses of other doctors has resulted in an increase in physician suicide and a conspiracy of silence that is reinforced by the threat of public exposure of those who speak out. Recent news articles and posts by physicians on physician social networks indicates the abuse is widespread and egregious, contributing to an increase in physician suicide.

The spotlight will continue to shine on these practices as long as doctors bravely step forward to tell their stories. Upcoming entries will provide additional links and stories. Please follow us!